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San Diego

Sept. 23-27

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New Orleans

Oct. 8-15

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Nov. 8-29

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Dec. 10-17

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About us

Film Fest Travel makes it as easy as possible for you to enjoy both the film festival and the city and country we are visiting. We work closely with festival staffs in each city to make certain members in our group are taken care of throughout the festival.

Before you arrive at a festival, we will send you festival program information so you can start planning your film festival experience early. We will include referrals and reviews to help you decide on what films at the festival are a must-see. Our staff includes veteran professional film critics, journalists and film experts who help guide you through the film choices, and facilitate invigorating discussions on the films we see.

After arriving at the hotel - usually the day before the festival begins - you will receive a package containing passes offering you full access to films and selected festival events, often including parties, panel discussions and other special events.

On the morning of the first day of the festival, we gather in a room at the hotel and enjoy our first Everybody’s A Critic Breakfast, complete with full breakfast and our first discussion concerning the films and activities scheduled for the days ahead. This is when we get to know each other. On the festival opening night, we gather in the hotel lobby and make our way to the festival for the opening-night screening.

Our Everybody’s A Critic breakfasts continue for the next four or five mornings, where over great food and coffee (especially welcome if you attended a late-night screening the evening before) we discuss the films we saw the previous day, offering opinions and suggestions to the rest of the group. Whenever possible, we bring in special guests from the films to join us, including producers, directors, actors and screenwriters.

After breakfast, depending on the day and the festival schedule, we either depart on a bus or walking tour of the city, or get to the theater for a full day and evening of film screenings. We guide you on how to get to the theater, or at some festivals, multiple theaters. As your pass offers you access to most all screenings, it’s up to you what films you see. In some cities, we also set up film history tours of that particular city, allowing you to learn more about what films were shot in that city, and see those historic locations.

Whenever possible we get together during the day and evening to talk more, as we are all film fans who want to share our thoughts on the films we see. If there’s time, maybe some of you meet for lunch, a drink or coffee inbetween your busy viewing schedules.

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